Tickets – €5.00
(single price, per show)
Subscription – €40.00
(access to all shows)
Brochure – €5.00

The conference on the 11th of July is free of charge, up to the maximum capacity of the room.

The concerts on July 27th have free admission.

Ticket Sales

Tickets available online at, from 10:30 on the 18th of June and, locally, at the counter of Cine-Teatro Garrett.

Rules and Recomendations

Before the start of the shows, cell phones and other equipment with an audible signal must be turned off.

It is not allowed to record sound and images during the shows.

The schedule may change for unforeseen reasons.

Shows for over 6 years old.

After the start of the shows, entry into the venues is not allowed, except during the break and/or at events whose program allows it.

Tickets available from June 18, 2024